Review: Oglaf

By: Bodil Bodilson (maybe… twitter name)

Consider this a warning: The talk from here on out through this review and pretty much every review or article we do will involve some foul language and some topics you may not like or be comfortable with.

Well It had to be done eventually ladies and gentlemen, so I figured why not me!? I mean it is my turn for a review, I have no shame and am offended by nothing, and damnit I just don’t care what other people say about me. So I am writing the first review for an “ADULT” webcomic. As in sex, nipples, dicks, erotica, double penitration, donkey shows, and good old fashioned fucking. As in if you’re a person under the age of 18, being an adult I should probably tell you not to click any of the links from here on in. If you’re at work and reading this then A) thank you for risking getting fired to read us on the clock and B) the links are very NSFW so be ready to click off if the boss comes around the cubical. This shit is about to get sexy…

Now adult webcomics are plentiful to say the least, but I would say out of every genre of webcomic I have encountered it is also the genre that has the lowest batting average of being any good at all. Being honest here, people love their porn and any comic with drawn boobies is going to garner some site traffic. I mean it’s just the way of our society. As a man who loves boobs as much as the next guy, I can honestly say that shitty sex comics with drawn tits that garner huge profits without a story or a joke seriously pisses me off. Talk about a cheap way to cash in on all the 14 year old anime fans who just love seeing Sailor moon fuck pikachu for no reason… Still though there is merit to the genre. I have read at least ten titles of the genre that are very decent with an amazing story to match the erotica. Luckily for us as well is this title is absolutely one of those titles in the good section.

Oglaf by Bodil Bodilson (or like I stated above, whomever does the comic) is an adult/comedy comic set sometime in the middle ages. The world looks sort of like lord of the rings, with beasts, and witches (err.. Mistresses). The story doesn’t truly revolve around just one character, it jumps around from place to place showing different stories in a world that’s so vivid, yet soooo fucking strange and weird.

Let’s focus on the art first off since most of you are probably wondering how great the tits look. The art is terrific, I mean it’s full color which is awesome and really makes the world look vibrant. The color used for some of the demons (the fire and ice demons come to mind) really make them memorable to me. The style is simple, it looks like very traditional cartoon style to me, but in a very well done manner. I feel bad for the comics I got to do reviews for because I know abso-fucking-nothing about art and one of the people who helped found this site is a art major… but anyway as a casual fan of art I find this to be great art. Another thing I enjoyed about the art was the facial expressions used throughout, one thing I do really love when someone is good at is facial expression. It’s like you’re really there in the world… sucking a beasts dick yourself!

Story wise the comic does something a little different than most others. It works on short storylines usually about 2-5 comics in length, then it changes to another story in a different place in the world, and eventually comes back to the other characters in the other story somewhere down the line. It works out nicely for fans of both the long term story line and people who may want to get a quick laugh or gag. Most comics end on some sort of punch line(that usually involves some dude getting fucked in the ass) but there is the occasional transition comic that helps set the story up better. The plot is a bit everywhere so I won’t even go through it here but most of the stories involve funny situations with the characters in sexual ways.

Now as much as I enjoyed this comic I really can’t recommend it to everyone for obvious reasons. First off this isn’t for the kids, as much as I don’t care what most people do I could see this comic fucking with a eight year old. Next off it’s not for the uptight people who would freak out with some depicted gay sex, because there is a fuck load of it in this comic. As far as everything else goes though, I would recommend it to people who may be skeptical about reading something like this. I find that in the end the story and comedy can over power the straight erotica of the book. Don’t get me wrong though, if you’re looking for some hot shit to go down you’ll that as well. Besides that though I think anyone who is like me, I shameless pervert who likes some immature humor. Read up kiddies and whether you wear pants or not is up to you!



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