Review: IDK Comics

IDK Comics
By: C.L. Wiley and Will Hightower
Twitter friends of the Fcwebcomics account who actually talk to us are all in for a treat. In the next few reviews I will be reviewing our friends we talk to on twitter. People who care enough to chat with us about random shit we really do appreciate. So I am going to make my next handful of reviews to be mostly our buddies as a way to say thank you. Anyways, on with the show!
IDK comics is a strange webcomic, or at least I think some people may think it is upon first look. Maybe it is indeed weird to you, maybe not, but it’s not “normal. At first glance you’ll see the influence of other webcomic’s like XKCD and Cyanide and happiness. While the influence is definitely for sure there(they mention it in their “about” section) this webcomic shows throughout that it is indeed different in many ways. The best way to describe it is a black and white metaphor joke comic. This is not slapstick gag’s, this is dark humor, so don‘t expect to get the pg-13, Adam Sandler comedy here. The story deals mostly with depression, relationships, and school. It follows no storyline really but it does resolve around the same characters… err, puzzle pieces (more about this in a second). The story’s are sometimes crude and messed up in ways that may turn some people away from it. Personally I call those people unfunny but whatever, if you don‘t like that kind of comedy then don‘t read. The about section on the home page for this comic says “IDK Comics is actually a strange byproduct of bi-polar/depression” and I believe it. As someone who needs to vent feelings in many creative outlets I really see this as being that venting for the writer. The whole comic run has a tone of seriousness that I am all to aware of, the putting your personal feelings on a stage for people to read or listen to or watch or whatever…

The art is what makes this comic standout more than anything though, and no it’s not vibrant color or intense detail that does it. This comic has jokes about shaking babies for gods sake… I think a full color comic would take away from the story’s dark, moody feeling. I am of course talking about the fact that humans are rarely drawn in this comic, the characters are instead puzzle pieces… Very abstract indeed. Once again in the about me section( … it says “I wanted IDK to be abstract! Not just because I’m a bad artist, but I felt that by being abstract that I could connect to people better because they would put all the pieces together and see bits of themselves in the final picture. Pun/metaphor intended. Some have told me that it alienates the reader because they want a person/face to connect with; instead I want the reader to connect with themselves.” The puzzle pieces add more to the metaphor of the entire comic. Besides the puzzle pieces the art is pretty simple, it ain’t a fucking masterpiece, but like so many webcomics before it doesn’t have to be to be good.
The thing I think I like most about the comic is that it leaves it self open for interpretation, and it lets you draw your own conclusions/ feelings. It’s not beating you down with a certain message or story, it’s letting you read it then make something out of it that others may not see. I think everyone can see them selves as a puzzle piece from time to time, trying to fit into a bigger picture.


In closing, great webcomic, read it, and maybe get a little smarter.


idk comics

Idk Comics


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